New Year’s Message from James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney 2017

New Year’s Message from James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney 2017

Dear Family of Friends,

It seems appropriate this time of year to reflect for a number reasons on Gratitude. This is one of the guiding principle words of both the American Native Indigenous Culture and of Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) and should be a focus of what we do every day.

GRATITUDE first and foremost for the guiding prayers of Chief Little Dove Buford of the Oklevueha Band of Seminole Indians


2)    dedicatory-blessing/


GRATITUDE that, for the last 8 years, Oklevueha Native American Church has taken an active roll in ending the conspiratorial activities of special interests such as the oil industry and other powerful influences upon our government in disrespecting;

1) ONAC ceremonies – and

2) Desecrating our Temple, Mother Earth and Father Sky, to devastating proportions –


GRATITUDE for the 8 years President Barack Obama has successfully stood up against seemingly insurmountable corruption by exhibiting self assured honesty, unshakeable integrity, and a tenaciousness to end the war on the American Native Indigenous Culture Sacraments and it’s temple;


Wishing you and all of your loved ones continued blessings this coming year.


James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney

Emeritus Elder Seminole Medicine Man