An Appeal For Prayer

Appeal to Prayer for All People Who Follow Indigenous American Native Spirituality.

naprayerPrayer is a power that supersedes law, government and money. Prayer can overcome evil. There are dark forces that have sought for over 400 years to destroy the indigenous culture and spirituality in the western hemisphere. Those forces have not gone away – they have simply changed tactics. Rather than trying to exterminate the indigenous peoples and their culture through genocide, they have for the last hundred years or so tried to outlaw their spiritual practices and punish anyone of any race who seeks to gain wisdom and healing from their vast knowledge of natural remedies, ceremonies and ways of thinking that could renew our world, assist people to live peacefully and bring healing to those who are suffering in body, mind and spirit. Those dark forces now include people involved with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Native American Rights Fund lawyers who seek to overturn or ignore the laws and Constitutional protections that have been put in place to protect the ancient culture and ceremonies.

We call on all people who believe in the Great Spirit, God or whatever you may call the Creator and Designer of this world. We call on you to pray, pouring out your hearts that those prayers may ascend through the sacred smoke and be heard. We ask that you pray that the governments, the legal systems, the judicial systems, the health care systems and all others will see the blessings of Native Spirituality and healing and clear the way (Hanta Yo). Pray that all who desire this good work will be able to access the healing, empowerment and blessings they need. Pray that those who provide those blessings will be protected and supported in their work and that they will keep their hearts and motives clean.

Oklevueha Native American Church was blessed into existence by Lakota Sioux roadman Leslie Fool Bull and given the commission to take these ways and medicines to all people. As a result of this mission, James and Linda Mooney, the founders of Oklevueha, were arrested and persecuted for years. They had no way to defend themselves. They had no money or connections with powerful people in government. What they did have was men and women of wisdom, character and understanding that would pray for them. Through Guadalupe (Huichole Curandera) in Mexico, Clifford ‘White Buffalo Man’ Jake (Piute Shoshone roadman), Anthony ‘White Lightning’ Davis (Pawnee tribal roadman), Richard Swallow (Lakota Sioux Medicine Person), Gary Tom (Piute leader in Utah) and many others, prayers were offered often and strongly. Through those prayers, hearts were softened, aid was given and defenders came forward. Eventually James and Linda were cleared of all charges from the State of Utah and the US Government. This has become a great blessing to all people, allowing protection and empowerment for many.

As ONAC has expanded and blessed more and more people, we have come to another critical point in our journey and mission to bless the world. We again need your prayers. We hope all people will participate in this good work, but we especially ask all members of Oklevueha NAC to offer prayers daily. We ask that those conducting ceremonies throughout the world make prayers for Oklevueha and our members as part of those ceremonies. There are many other ways you can assist and if you are moved by the spirit to do other things, we welcome and appreciate it. However, the most important things are the prayers of the people. Please join us in this so that all nations and all our relations and our children’s children’s children will have access to these blessings and these cultural ways.

James ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney

Senior Medicine Person – Oklevueha Native American Church