Blessing Way


Written Thoughts by Rachel ‘Eagle Dove’ Talley, Oklevueha Native American Church Medicine Woman,                                                   

Blessing Way is a Native American ceremony that has been used as a safe space for healing and celebrating the coming of a new life.

During this sacred ceremony, a mother with the support of friends and family, can open herself to the challenges and joys that lie before her as she approaches birthing and mothering. In this setting, the mother-to-be can gain the confidence, power and love she needs to move forward in her new role with peace and understanding.

Pregnancy is a birth and cleansing time where all physical and emotional toxicity are being purged from the system so as to not pass any unwanted or unneeded ill health onto her fetus. A blessing way moves and shifts a woman’s energy in such a profound way that she feels a draw to listen more to herself and her own intuition in the future weeks before the birth and the months that follow after. By listening to her own inner knowing, she then is guided through the steps to create a beautiful pregnancy and birth experience.

You don’t have to be an American Native Person to be able to hold a blessing way for yourself or a loved one. The ceremony, in and of itself, is designed as itself a very meaningful and fulfilling experience for the mother to be while respecting her own personal beliefs.

Blessing ways truly are a transformative experience where one communes with the Divine within and outside of them. Each woman in becoming a mother gleans new insights and inspirations from the experience that can bring more happiness and blessings to her life, in support of her eternal preparations of honoring life’s new spiritual being into the human family.

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