Tipi Ceremony
Tipi Ceremony

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  1. What happened to the branch list?
    The forums aren’t getting responses about branches or ceremonies

    1. Use the “Contact Us” link and provide your zip code and we will send you the contact information for the branch leader closest to you.

  2. My zipcode is 47240 where is any local meetings in my area and I purchased my window decal and haven’t received it yet

    1. Hi,

      Please contact regarding the decal and you can email us at for a list of branches near you. Thank you.

  3. Oklevueha is unstopable and so is its people whoever we are oklevueha native american church a big medicine blessing for all the worlds people we have mother earth mother of the stars grandmother her hands embrass us thank you oklevueha u noh kah balam nah blessing blue star

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