Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of your questions may be answered here. If you can’t find the answer here, please feel free to contact us by using the form at this link.

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Q) How does membership in Oklevueha Native American Church protect me legally?

A) Members of legitimate Native American Churches (those which are authorized by a Native American Tribe – as ONAC is) are protected in the possession, use and transportation of Native American Sacraments and Medicines. They are also legal to participate in Native Ceremonies where those sacraments are used.

Q) What are considered as Native American Sacraments and Medicines?

A) Any thing that grows naturally or is naturally provided by Mother Earth and Father Sky can be considered a sacrament or medicine if it is used with respect, thanksgiving and understanding. It is always important to use these things in a ceremonial way and best to do in a setting watched over by a legitimate Medicine Person. Substances that are chemically derived or artificially strengthened for effect (refining) may not be considered natural and may not be protected.

Q) Can I share these substances with my family or friends?

A) No. Not unless they are also members of ONAC and are advised by a medicine person. Selling or sharing these sacred medicines with those who are not registered members removes your legal protection and may lead to fines, arrest and imprisonment.

Q) Do I have to have a membership card with me to avoid arrest?

A) Not necessarily, but this depends on the law enforcement people you are confronted with. If they are willing to call to confirm your membership, we will vouch for you, but it is best to have a membership card with you at all times.

Q) If I have a membership card, does that guarantee that I won’t be arrested?

A) There are no guarantees. Many law enforcement people do not yet understand the law and their responsibility to protect your freedom of religion. In most cases, if you are confronted by this type of law enforcement person, it is best to not be confrontive (which could lead to unrelated charges that we can not help you defend), but to try to communicate with them, show the card, ask that they read the back outlining your rights and contact their supervisors or the state office of the US Attorney General’s Office so they will know what the law is. If you end up in jail, contact our toll-free legal number 1-844-ONAC-Law (1-844-662-2529) and our attorneys or leadership will contact your attorney or your public defender.

Q) Do you guarantee that my experience in ceremony or with a particular medicine person will be positive?

A) No, we can not do that. It is up to you to carefully select who you trust to guide you during ceremony and in using medicine/sacraments. People and medicine people both have differing personalities and some clash, some work together wonderfully and many have challenges but find their way together to good outcomes. Most medicine people will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. They are charged with keeping you safe during and briefly after ceremonies and to teach you how to respect and honor these sacred items. Each person is always responsible for their own choices and you should never do anything anyone tells you that does not feel right or in integrity.

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