Items For Purchase

Below are items that are available to our members. We work to provide you with opportunities to clearly identify your home, vehicle or other items as protected by Oklevueha Native American Church. Other items are just fun to have or share. Simply having a banner or window/bumper sticker does not protect anyone – they must also be a member in good standing of ONAC. Let us know if there are other items you would like to have us offer.

Okelvueha Logo Embroidered Tee Shirts

These t-shirts are stylish 100% Cotton Fruit of the Loom tees embroidered with our logo. We may offer additional sizes and colors soon depending on interest. We are also thinking of adding Hemp and Bamboo shirts with logo if there is interest. Order today for $22 per shirt regardless of size and includes shipping.

Oklevueha Mugs

15 oz. Ceramic Mugs for your favorite beverage. Enjoy in style!

New Design Now Available!

The old design has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but we love the new look and have been able to add the values to the logo on this sturdy mug. It is beautiful and great for hot or cold beverages! Shipping is the biggest cost for these so ordering more than one makes them much more affordable.

Shipping is free. Discounts for multiple mugs.

1 Mug – $21.00
Set of 2 – $30.00
Set of 4 – $50.00
Set of 10 – $110.00

(shipping outside the 48 contiguous states requires special permission and additional cost)


All banner orders include brass grommets for hanging and include shipping. Rush jobs available for additional cost.

Large Oklevueha Banners


2’X5′ – $40.00
3’X8′ – $70.00
4’X10′ – $100.00

Set of (7) 3’x2′ Principles Banners


Without Grommets – $135.00
With Grommets – $180.00

Stickers for your car, home, etc. Let people know you are a member. Free shipping!

Version 1:


1 Sticker – $5.00
5 Stickers – $20.00

Version 2 (10″x3″):


1 Sticker – $10.00
10 Stickers – $50.00

Version 3 (10″x3″):


1 Sticker – $10.00
10 Stickers – $50.00

Version 4 (10″x3″):


1 Sticker – $10.00
10 Stickers – $50.00

Wildcrafted Smudge Sticks

Each bundle is unique and colorful.  Gathered from the wild with prayer and thanksgiving to both the creator and the plant that gives the gift, these smudge sticks are handmade by Oklevueha members with blue sage from southern Utah, Arizona and Nevada. We offer three sizes and we donate a percentage of each sale to the Oklevueha humanitarian fund to bless those in need.




Regular Bundle (approximately 6 inches*) – $6 (temporarily out of stock)
Big Stick (approximately 9 inches*) – $10 (temporarily out of stock)
Big Thin Stick (approximately 10 inches*) – $8 (temporarily out of stock)
Combo (one of each) – $20 (temporarily out of stock)

smudge sticks should be available again when we can harvest in a couple of weeks.

*because these are individually crafted sizes vary slightly

Oklevueha’s Rain Forest Gourmet Coffee

We had hoped to offer this through our shopping cart here, but find that the cost of shipping makes it unreasonably expensive (though the taste certainly justifies the expense). For now we offer it to you at $9 per pound in either Whole Bean or Ground options. If a group or branch wants to order a number of packages together, the shipping is manageable. Otherwise you will need to make arrangements to pick it up in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Contact us if you love great coffee and we will work with you to make it available.


Tipi’s are available.

These are made to order and you can pick them up in Montana or we can arrange for delivery if you pay for the shipping charges. Additional sizes are available upon request and at varying prices.


Available in many sizes. Three are shown here. Prices do not include delivery.  10 Foot with poles, canvas and liner – $645, 14 Foot with poles, canvas and liner – $1019, 18 Foot with poles, canvas and liner – $1329