Elder Medicine Man and Co-Founder, Oklevueha Native American Church

James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney

James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney, Co-Founder of Oklevueha Native American Church maintains Elder Seminole Medicine Man Emeritus status. He is active in promoting the welfare of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, as well as defending and supporting all Indigenous cultures around the world.


Descendant of James Mooney, Archaeologist and Ethnologist


Represented the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas at the United Nations


Serves on the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable


James Mooney has received awards, recognition, and praise for his work in the community and for his commitment to preserving the ways of the Indigenous.

Volunteer Service Award, given by President Barack Obama

First Indigenous Native Medicine Man to be installed as a member of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem as the International Indigenous peoples’ representative for this charitable healing organization

Citizens Award of Commendation from Governor Michael Leavitt



James Warren Mooney was was born January 3, 1944. United States Attorney General believed that Timothy P. Mooney and Elizabeth J. Copage Mooney raised James Henry Mooney (Half Seminole) as their own son, however, his biological parents were James Mooney (Smithsonian Ethnologist) and America Simpson direct descendant of Osceola (a Seminole Chief and Medicine Man), who married Ella Peace Mooney (Half Creek, also a descendent of Osceola) and gave birth to Rex Mooney who married Ruth Aleta Bennett. However, according to Chief Little Dove Buford, James Warren Mooney (named in honor of his great grandfather)  and his grandparents were James (Jamie) Henry Mooney and Ella Peace Mooney.

The Making of a Medicine Man goes into James’ history in detail.

James Mooney’s genealogy.


James Mooney Podcasts

Please listen to these three podcasts wherein James discusses the history of Oklevueha and his journey to becoming a Medicine Man.

Listen here.

James Mooney’s Tribute to

Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah Senator

Senator Orrin Hatch, in my mind, was and will remain so to my dying day as one of the most courageous politicians I have personally experienced in the 78 years I have existed in this body of mine.
He followed the premier ethic that I was raised with, a man is only as good as his word. He was not only a man of his word he was loyal and never forgot that he was a representative of ‘all’ of his state of Utah constituent’s rather he agreed with them or not. A wonderful husband, father and patriarch of his family.
His dedication in representing the state of Utah citizenship honorably was unmovable. However he had a line he would not cross and that was concerning integrity in abiding by the ‘principles’ of his LDS Faith, and I am not referring to the cult and hate the government promoting parts of the LDS Church membership. I mean the principle based on “love thy brother as thyself”.
Senator Orrin Hatch exemplified everything that is good about being a man…
It is only fitting that the man that replaced the Honorable Senator Orrin Hatch in Utah’s Senate seat is the honorable Senator Mitt Romney.
James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’  Mooney


Oklevueha’s Legal Battles and Victories

Oklevueha Native American Church has had to make a legal stand against a multitude of judicial incursions in order to preserve our civil liberties in practicing our religion. In all cases, the Church overcame and prevailed, and it has been proven that the Oklevueha Native American Church is a bone fide and “real” church, deserving the same First Amendment Protections as every other church worshipping in the United States.

ONAC Founders, James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney and Linda Mooney experienced arrest, both by Utah County Sheriffs and U.S. Federal officers because they were holding ceremonies involving sacred plant medicine with white people. Eventually, they were acquitted of all charges, and now legal precedents protect the rights of all people to participate in sacred indigenous ceremonies with plant medicines.

An Overview of the Legal Precedents Protecting the Freedom of Religion

All legal information regarding the history of legislating against the Native American Church despite their First Amendment rights can be found on this page.

The Unique Legal Status of Oklevueha Native American Church

ONAC Membership Card holders are guaranteed United States Constitutional Rights  and Protections as the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights clearly states and as the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 outlines these rights and protections in detail, even if one is NOT of American Native Heritage, See United States v. Boyll, May 10, 1990 – Federal Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Unanimous Ruling and State of Utah Supreme Court Unanimous Ruling.

Government Agencies have no legal authority to legislate what Earth Based Substance; plant, cacti, vine and/or herb that a Oklevueha Native American Church member chooses to utilize as their Sacrament, See United States Supreme Court Unanimous Ruling.

Interfaith Service

Currently serving on the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable, James Mooney is committed to representing indigenous cultures and their spirituality with other mainstream religions.

James has been asked by several Interfaith organizations to deliver prayers, blessings, and to sit with his sacred pipe.

Healing Mother Earth

The earth is our Mother, and the indigenous all over the world are bound by a sacred duty to honor, protect, and defend her. James Mooney is committed to this mission.

Supporting the preservation of lakes, streams, and waterways, James stood with hundreds of environmentalists to protect Utah Lake, a sacred body of water to the Timpanogos Nation. James continues to support and stand with those who take action to preserve our Mother Earth.

Read more about Saving Utah Lake


The misinformation and inaccurate retelling of the history of Native Americans is rampant across the country. One of James Mooney’s personal commitments is to right the wrongs, and tell the true story of the abuse and genocide perpetrated against the Native Americans.

Additionally, James loves to share about Native American spirituality, and how it interweaves with a love of the earth and a connection to Creator. 

Contact James for Speaking Events, Gatherings, and Blessings

Call Anytime: (385)-505-0031