James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney

James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney


James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney was born January 3, 1944, in Grass Valley, Nevada California.

He is the son of Ruth Aleta Bennett Mooney and Rex Warren Mooney. James is married to Linda Taylor ‘Bright Hawk’ Mooney. Between the two of them, they presently have 15 children, more than 30 Grandchildren and 4 Great Grandchildren.

James was recently honored by President Obama with this award.



James presently maintains Elder Seminole Medicine Man Emeritus status of the Oklevueha Native American Church.  In 2012, he was installed as the first Indigenous Native Medicine Man of a Native American Church into the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem  (a charitable healing organization for nearly a millennium, head quartered in Malta) and as the international indigenous peoples representative for this charitable healing organization. James is also a Member and Speaker for the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition  (LEAP).


(L to R) Utah Governor Gary Herbert, First Lady Jeanette Herbert, Oklevueha Native American Church Seminole Medicine Woman Linda TBH Mooney, Oklevueha Native American Church Elder Seminole Medicine Man James WFE Mooney, Mrs. Abby Cox, and Utah Lieutenant Governor, Spencer J. Cox

The following 12 story’s reveal The Making of a Seminole Medicine Man.  U.S. Federal Attorneys and Federal Investigators of the State of Utah have substantiated these stories.  They personally interviewed people involved with these stories from Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Washington to ensure an accurate portrayal of these accounts.

  1. Grandparents: Infant Dedicatory Blessing
  2. Chief Little Dove – Early Morning Call
  3. Linda Stone’s Verfying Letter – Confirming Early morning Call
  4. This Is My Brother In The Medicine
  5. Clifford Jake: Healing and Blessing
  6. Huichole Elder (Mara’akame): Blessing
  7. Shaun McCausland Letter – Witness of the Huichole Blessing
  8. Seminole Casuse Dedicatory: Blessing
  9. Leslie Fool Bull Rosebud N.A.C. of S.D. President – Take This Medicine To The White Man
  10. Richard ‘He Who Has The Foundation’ Swallow
  11. Making A Stand with Anthony Davis
  12. Genealogy – James WFE Mooney
  13. Tribal Card – James WFE Mooney

September 10, 1993, Governor Michael Leavitt awarded James the Citizens Award of Commendation for service by a non-government employee whose heroism, public service or actions provided some  valuable service benefiting the Department of Corrections.

State-of-Utah-Citizens-Award-of-Commendation-copy-300x248 copy

TV News Videos showing ONAC and James WFE Mooney successfully standing up for the constitutional rights of the indigenous American Native Culture and for protection from unlawful acts by the State of Utah and the United States of America

James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney prevails against the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Native American Rights (NARF) in their attempt to discredit James’s Medicine Man authenticity, by influencing the State of Utah; Attorney General Office, Director of Indian Affairs Office, and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigators to perjure themselves to a Federal Grand Jury and in Federal Court Hearings. 

Oklevueha NAC Prevails in Religious Freedom Case Against the State of Utah


Oklevueha NAC Utah Supreme Court Hearing – State of Utah v. Oklevueha Native American Church

Oklevueha Native American Church making a stand against the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Native American Rights Fund (NARF) lies made to the state of Utah Attorney General’s and Utah County Attorney’s offices’s

Commendation from the Yavapai/Apache Tribe received recently.

James certificate from Yavapai-Apache Nation


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