Legal Fund Donations Page



We are excited to announce the formation of the ONAC Legal Defense Fund. This fund will be created only by contributions from individuals and corporations that desire to support and defend the spiritual and religious rights, rites and practices of Oklevueha Native American Churches throughout the United States and the world. The foundation has been laid by the US Constitution and by numerous court cases all over the U.S. that have upheld the protections and status of ONAC. There are still law enforcement and judicial entities that have not understood these protections and precedents. The only use and purpose of this fund is to spread the protective information and to assist in the defense of any ONAC registered members that are threatened by uninformed government officials. You are welcome to contribute by using the button below. Please specify whether the contribution is to donate to the legal fund or to contribute to the humanitarian fund or for general church operations. You can also go to our GoFundMe page on facebook if that is more comfortable for you. In an effort to fully disclose our costs, contributions through the button at the bottom of the page only cost us the credit card fee (usually between two and three percent). Contributions through GoFundMe cost us the CC fee plus an additional five percent for using their service. Be assured that any funds we receive will go to the legal costs of protecting our civil rights, the legal standing of our church and for legal services for our members. Thank you for defending and supporting Native American Spirituality and the use of ceremony and native sacraments/medicines for the transforming and healing of all our relations and our world.


Click here to contribute any amount you feel is right.