Welcome to the Members Only and Forum Pages!


Welcome to the Members Only and Forum Pages!

doorsMany of the links below are only open to members of Oklevueha Native American Church. They contain personal, private or protected content that is not to be shared outside of the membership without permission of the poster. This is not restricted to the personal blog posts, but also to the information about branches, leadership, medicine persons and their contact information, etc. Please honor this and keep this space sacred and protected. Thank you. If you have already signed up, you can login here. If you can’t access any of the member only pages (the link will seem not to work) you can request a username and password if you did not do it as part of your membership application. Only members of ONAC will be approved for access. If you have requested access, do not re-apply for a username/password for at least 24 hours because it may take a few hours to make sure you are a member and approve your request. If we have already granted access, re-applying will cancel that access. If you receive a message that you cannot login because cookies are not enabled, please review this page as it can help your resolve that problem.

Items Members Can Purchase This page is open to the public but items shown are only available to members. Here you can purchase banners, window and bumper stickers and other items displaying the ONAC logo.

Forum (for your questions, concerns and observations that you wish to share with other members only)

Member and Branch Pageslook here to connect with branches and individuals that are ready to serve and bless you. Some of these pages are public and some are member only.

If you know someone who would benefit from membership in ONAC

Membership News and Notifications (now part of the Forum)

If you want to display a picture with your posts, you can add a picture by editing your profile. Just click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select “Edit My Profile” We have to remove large, hi-definition pictures as they slow down the website. Please make sure they are under one megabyte in size. They can be of anything that is not offensive to others, but usually it is best if the picture is of you personally. If you have trouble with this, contact the webmaster at onacpr@gmail.com.