News and Announcements

News and Announcements

announcementsOklevueha Invited to Participate at the Rotary

International World Peace Conference in California

James Mooney and Gary Tom gave a presentation in a large ballroom and Oklevueha was invited to create three booths for the International Friendship Village that were all part of the World Peace Conference in Ontario, California in the middle of January. For more information, click here.

What’s Happening In The ONAC World?

Watch here for updates, significant legal decisions or if clarifications or corrections need to be made, and news that concerns all of us as we work to honor and protect American Native Culture, Ceremonies, Participants and Sacraments.

New Attorney Named to Represent Oklevueha NAC

We are happy to announce the hiring of George W. Mull as attorney for Okleuveha NAC. Click here for details.

Complaint and Request for Injunction Filed In California

Click here to read the legal documentation on this case that should be the beginning of the end for prosecution and persecution of our members nationwide. If you want to contribute to this valiant effort for our freedoms and rights, please do so here.

New Page For Members Only Highlights Upcoming Ceremonies

and Connections with Medicine People

Click Here if you have Member Pages Access!

  Pow-Wow With Legal Experts in Washington D.C.

There was a recent meeting with Charles W. Galbraith (former White House Associate Director of Inter-Governmental Affairs and Public Engagement) where the protection of ONAC members and their civil rights were discussed. Click here for a full report on that meeting and what it means.

Public Announcement

Oklevueha Native American Church is honored to announce that Medicine Man William Courtney MD (, Oklevueha Native American Church Medical Advisor and member, oversees all Oklevueha Native American Church earth sacrament usage as it relates to worship services. His breadth of responsibility was initiated January 1, 2013.

Recent Articles of Interest

Read about how a Klamath Indian changed and defended the freedom of religion and why Al Smith is a hero in this article from the Atlantic.

A series of articles based on recent court actions was recently published that may be of interest to our members. Though some of the people quoted in the article are incorrect or have drawn false conclusions, the series is interesting to review.


Tribes on Reservations Now Allowed to Grow and Sell Cannabis

While it has been legal to use cannabis in ceremony either on the Reservations or in Oklevueha NAC ceremonies, this ruling removes some of the problems and cost of obtaining this sacrament for our members. Read this from US News and World Report