ONAC Counseling Beliefs

ONAC Counseling Beliefs

There are 9 beliefs that are foundational to the efforts of ONAC Counseling.

1)    We believe that all people are conceived and born in perfection.

2)    We believe that imbalances or unresolved issues in our spiritual being create much of the emotional and physical dis-ease and/addiction behaviors.

3)    We believe that assisting each other and focusing our individual efforts to strengthen our relationship with our higher being, Great Spirit or higher power is an essential part of bringing each person into balance.

4)    We also believe that a person can measure the degree of peace and balance in their lives comparable to the exact degree to which they honor and respect their parents and/or heritage.

5)    We believe that prayer for understanding and forgiveness is the foundation for change, and that it is required in the transformation process of becoming a more respectful and responsible person.

6)    We believe that, as each individual experiences the truthful intentions of their unique perfection through, extreme impact-full influences upon all five senses of their being, they will naturally create responsible and respectful alterations and/or changes in their behavior.

7)    We believe that all people are playing out their eternal mission moment-to-moment, minute-to-minute and hour by hour of every day of their lives.

8)    We believe all persons that seek ONAC Counseling assistance are of equal character to any and all other persons, being neither above, beneath, better or worse than all their earthly relations.

9)  We believe conscious service to all aspects of the needs and happiness of our earthly companions is essential in maintaining a balanced life.