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by James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney

Many of these stories and others are being shared because of Oklevueha Seminole Chief Little Dove’s desire was to have them told to preserve the history of her people.

Items 1 and 2, ‘The Survival of Indigenous spirituality’ and ‘The Making of a Medicine Man’ are a collection of stories that are accepted to be reasonably accurate.  More than seven years ago, because of my  limited ability to express in writing my personal thoughts, experiences, and understandings of world history, the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon, I dictated most of these stories, first to Alyssa Wolf and then later to Lianne Bremer.  I finally compiled these articles from those earlier efforts along with some additional materials that were supplied to me by Federal Attorneys and investigators.

Item 1, The Survival of Indigenous spirituality. This information was first dictated to Alyssa Wolf  who wrote it down. This early draft was given to Lianne Bremer.  Lianne added some other stories that I had not initially shared with Alyssa.  I have added to the draft that Lianne completed simply to make it more accurate to the stories in the way they were shared to me.

Item 2, The Making of a Medicine Man is the introduction to the personal development I experienced in becoming a Medicine Man.  This entire paper is a study of my development in understanding and honoring the Medicine.  The creative process here is similar to Item 1.

Item 3, James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney – This genealogy acknowledges the people and experiences that finally substantiated my calling to work with the medicine and serve as a healer. It also includes many of the relationships I have experienced with other medicine people.

Item 4, Osceola Genealogy – Chart (9th document down), was one of the major pieces of evidence that I studied. It was not recommended by Chief Little Dove but assisted me in my final analysis of accepting her understanding of my relationship with the medicine, and my lineage of ancestors, specifically Billy “Osceola” Powell.  However, the results of the DNA test showing 9% sub-Saharan African (which the Utah Federal Defenders Office had me submit) is what confirmed in my mind the accuracy of Chief “Little Dove” Buford’s oral history of my ancestors. I am truly a descendent of Osceola and his escaped African slave wife.

During a  meeting “In 2000, I met with a Guatemalan Medicine Woman.  She shared with me her culture’s ways of dedicating an infant through an earthen Sweat Lodge ceremony.  Her description of this ceremony was just like the one my Grandparents performed for me when I was four years old. The impact on me was profound, for this Guatemalan woman solidified Chief Little Dove’s adept understanding of my heritage.  Chief Little Dove had stated very strongly many times that Oklevueha Native American Church Ceremonies have their roots in Central America which was congruent with story’s told during the Green Corn Ceremony that I had personally attended.  You will not find in this paper any other reference to this meeting, for I do not remember much about Medicine Women, other than she is a friend of Margarita Gutierrez, and that the meeting was a sharing of a ceremonial breakfast with Linda, Margarita and this Guatemalan Medicine Woman.  The breakfast meeting was held on Ana Corpus Island of the San Juan chain of Islands in the State of Washington.  Margarita interpreted the entire conversation between this Medicine Woman and myself.


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  1. I too have a strong desire to become a medicine man.i would like chief James Warren ” Flaming Eagle”, Mooney to teach me or direct me to some one who would be willing to teach me.

    you may contact me at(435)835-5059 or at Cosmicblues2000@yahoo.com

    1. Good Evening Ronald,

      If you are interested in becoming a Medicine Man you can start by looking at the opportunity to join our Sacred Wisdom Circle. Here is the link to our Sacred Wisdom Circle Page: https://nativeamericanchurches.org/sacred-wisdom-circle-institute/

      Hoka Hey and many Blessings,

      Gentle Eagle

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