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    • Freshness
    • Blessings
      This is a place where you can share blessings and progress that have come to you as a result of participation with the ceremonies and sacraments of Oklevueha NAC.
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    • Inspirations
      This is where you can share things that have brightened, blessed or strengthened your daily walking. I am including one that was shared with me by one of our members. We all need insight, encouragement and understanding. Please share.
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    • Ceremonies & Gatherings – Upcoming
      Medicine people and branch leaders can post here to let members know of upcoming ceremonies and events. You can be specific or you can just give a general place and time with contact info if they want to know more.
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    • Great Spirit Talks
      As you learn to hear and respond to the voice of the Great Spirit, your life will be transformed. Share your experiences here if moved to do so.
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    • Connections
      Post here to connect with those who need or can provide sacraments and medicines. Email connections are preferred or you can communicate strictly through this forum if you prefer.
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    • General
      Here you can give feedback or make requests for additional forums. Please remember to always respect others and their privacy. No derogatory or malicious communication will be allowed to continue and repeat offenders will be blocked. Keep it friendly and walk in a good way.
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