ONAC Sacrament – Peyote

Oklevueha Native American Church Sacrament – Peyote (Healing and Empowerment)

peyotebuttonsOklevueha Native American Church is the Trunk for all ONAC Independent Branches (Mother Church) and uses peyote exclusively for the Sacrament Ceremony. Independent Branches often use other natural plants and substances for blessing and healing body, mind and spirit

Peyote has a historical significance of being utilized as a Sacrament known to be the Flesh of God, and the tea being the nurturing fluid of the Great Spirit. ONAC’S mother church utilizes no other substance other than Peyote as its Eucharist.

Peyote is not addictive and it is impossible to over-dose using it.  It can also be utilized in a variety of ways; Fresh, Dried (Grinded into a Powder), Made into a Tea and / or Tea mixed with Powder that will make it into a paste. These are some of the practical reasons that ONAC uses Peyote during it’s Indigenous American Native Ceremonies.

Harvard – affiliated McLean Hospital John Halpern MD professor at Harvard University released a five year study that states Peyoteleaves users psychologically unscathed and contributes to an increase in certain types of mental performance

Dr. Karl A. Menninger, renowned psychiatrist is quoted to have stated “Peyote Use In Native American Rituals May Contribute To Increase in Mental Performance

However, the unquestionable reason for Oklevueha Native American Church use of Peyote as its Sacrament is because the spirit manifested upon the two co-founders of that Peyote is to be and is the Oklevueha Native American Church’s Eucharist, regardless of what other branches may use.