ONAC’s Mission and Responsibility

by | Oct 13, 2021

ONAC’s Mission and Responsibility

  • OUR MISSION is to enlighten, encourage, and empower the spirituality and somatic benefits of the sacred, earth-based healing traditions and ceremonies of those indigenous to North and South America for the benefit of all indigenous to our Mother Earth.


  • OUR VISION is for all to understand and benefit from the amazing and natural power of Mother Earth and Father Sky, ensuring sustainability for future generations by educating, celebrating and responsibly practicing ancient healing traditions of the human race.


  • ONAC Mother Church’s primary sacrament and medicine is Peyote, although we also recognize Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, San Pedro, Cannabis, and other sacred plant medicines.


  • ONAC does NOT believe in mixing medicines in ceremony [in fact, we require 4 sunsets between sitting with Master Medicines] but does have a deep and genuine respect for the medicinal bounty that Mother Earth provides for her children and embraces all earth-based medicines in our doctrine, regardless of other NAC religious practices.


  • Since its inception, Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC), has come under the scrutiny of the federal and local government officials and authorities, other Native American Churches, Native tribal councils as well as our members. The authenticity and standing of ONAC as a valid Native American Church have been verified by several court decisions over the years.


Our commitment to protect your consitutional rights is to:

  • Provide guidance and support in the protection of the integrity, intent and sovereign rights of the Mother Church, its branches, and its cultivation centers.


  • Establish, monitor, and ensure compliance with ONAC operational policies and procedures (including training, communications and continuous improvement.)


  • Seek to foster and nurture every opportunity to unite Native American churches and people in the stand for the freedom to practice and share in the healing powers of earth-based-medicine (sacraments) and empower all that subscribe to and believe in Native American traditions.


  • Encourage and empower the ONAC community of branch and cultivation branch leadership teams.


  • Develop curriculum and establish programs for the training and official recognition of medicine men and women.


  • Continue to maintain accurate member records.


  • Manage ONAC website and social media content.


  • Develop, manage and maintain the centralized operations systems (i.e. ONAC member apps, database, etc.)

In closing, given the current political state of the world, ONAC believes in embracing the responsibility and uniting with all that share the same goal of being effective stewards in the protection of Mother Earth, honoring her, our hearths, and our homes. If we want to heal the world, we must heal nations. To heal nations, we must heal communities. To heal communities, we must heal individuals and families. That is the work we are engaged in. A’ho.


The Seven Core Values of Oklevueha Native American Church

Values are the guiding principles of our lives. Whatever way we choose to act or even feel in a given situation, that choice invites others to do the same. In this way, our constructive choices actually change the world for the better.


We believe that all of creation has purpose and that each creation has value. We should especially respect our ancestors who have created and preserved the ancient ways that teach and bless us. Respect is also extended to all ceremonial ways and sacred medicines. We respect the gifts that Creator has given us.


Humility is seeing ourselves as we really are and understanding clearly the inter-relationship of all creation. This includes knowing our strengths and owning them as well as seeing our weaknesses and fears. Humility is not degrading or dishonoring ourselves but taking the responsibility to fulfill our mission without worrying about receiving credit or praise. We cultivate a spirit of humility when we understand our place in Creator’s plan, and how we have been blessed by Creator’s hand.


Gratitude is to first, feel appreciation for the gifts we are given and the blessings that come from the efforts of others, and second, to express that appreciation to Great Creator and to those around us. Gratitude is a daily, moment-by-moment practice, wherein we give thanks to Creator for all that we have and are.


Forgiveness changes the forgiver. The true meaning of forgiveness is to turn our hearts. When we forgive, it heals us and allows us to move forward. Forgiveness frees us from the pains of our past and enables us to walk in peace.


One meaning of Charity is benevolent giving to those who are in need or to good causes. Another is the ability to truly love and serve each other with our hearts and hands as well as our intentions. It also carries a meaning of giving others the benefit of the doubt when there is possible conflict, neither taking nor giving offense. We believe all of these definitions are of importance and recommend that everyone ponder them while in prayer and meditation.


Faith is hope, confidence, and a belief that our higher power desires good things for us and will open doors for us to receive them when we are open, prepared and willing to do so. It is knowing our lives are in Creator’s hands, and the we can create a life of connectedness and spirituality.


Honor is the ability to combine all these values into our relationships with those who travel the road with us and to those who created and travelled the roads before us. Honoring simply means that we notice, acknowledge, and appreciate those who open the way and give us the ability to live, move and accomplish.

Living by these values requires honesty with ourselves and integrity in our dealings with others. As we seek in our imperfect ways to always live by these values, we will feel fulfilled and strengthened in our own lives even as we affect the people around us and the world for good.

It is our deepest wish that every member of ONAC feel safe, protected, cared for, and supported. Please remember we come from many walks of life, and not every member may believe exactly as you do. Respect goes both ways, and we must always remember to honor another’s opinion, even if we do not agree.