Sacred Breath Ceremony

Sacred Breath Ceremony 

State of Utah Central Utah Correctional Facility Habilitative Program – American Native Sacred Breath Ceremony (Behavior Resolution Class) coupled with the utilization of ONAC unique counseling principles were responsible for lowering the Central Utah Correctional Facilities recidivism rate to less than 30% in a 18 month period of time.

“The Behavior Resolution class seemed to me, at first, to be nothing more than Native American Folklore or some kind of a traveling medicine show at best.  I found it hard to believe, let alone participate, with a straight face, in a class where the basic principal was to breathe and nothing more”

“Behavior Resolution allowed me to get to the root of my problems and placed me in a position of having to face my pain, i.e., my father committed suicide, my mother abandoned me to an abusive mother, I was sexually molested as a youth”

“If criminal behavior can be directly related to a psychological profile then classes such as Behavior Resolution are an invaluable tool for us and an essential part of any cure.”  

Signed by 59 inmates