Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute




Calling on all ONAC Members, Spiritual Leaders, Medicine People & ALL those who are on this path….


Right Face Eagle FeatherOklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) is humbled to announce the formation of The Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute (SWCI) and Sacred Wisdom Circles (SWC).  Sacred Wisdom Circles are week-long monthly gatherings in Natural Sacred Space and are  limited to 24 ONAC members as well as the SWCI Leadership & facilitators. The intention of these Circles is to celebrate, empower and Teach those individuals seeking a spiritual path of transformational healing and empowerment.

As we know that not everyone has the time or resources to attend four separate week-long trainings, The Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute also has weekend and distance learning options.  The intention of Sacred Wisdom Circle is to allow ONAC medicine people and spiritual leaders to pass on their elder-knowledge to a new generation, as well as to create a collective tribal community.  For those seeking to become a medicine person, spiritual leader or to strengthen your connection to spirit and begin or continue your transformational path, ONAC is inviting you to join us.


ONAC, is founded on collective, earth-based values and wisdom, and is both non-denominational and global in purpose.  Indigenous ceremonies create an experiential environment supportive of remembering our Spiritual focus and wholenessBe the Authentic Leader you were called to be..., and provide a transformational experience which allows us to heal addictions and dysfunctional behaviors. 


Sacred Wisdom Circle will assist individuals to:

  • Honor all Ceremonies & Circles as Sacred Time and Space.
  • Create a Safe Learning Environment for Self-Discovery.
  • Instill: Great Spirit’s Values of Compassion & Truth; the Wisdom of the Ancestors; the Needs of Those yet Born.
  • Empower Individuals to Remember & Embrace Their Authentic Self.
  • Improve Economic Standing in the World by “Co-Creation”.
  • Express Gratitude and Heartfelt Appreciation for the Blessings and Teachings of Life.
  • Make Room for Silence to enter.
  • Listen from the Heart, and Serve as a Compassionate Witness for others in the Circle.
  • Learn the Power of Intention.
  • Recognize the Incredible Beauty & Oneness in All Things.

SWCI is unique in that we don’t only teach one tradition, but instead provide you with a holistic and complete set of Teachings. We teach both Lakota and Seminole spirituality, but we also teach breathwork, meditation, bodywork, Plant Medicines, Akashic Records and many other skills. Together, our Elders and Facilitators  have many centuries of experience for you to learn from. Our goal is to provide a complete set of tools for you to choose from and work with, so that your own healing and the healing of those you work with will be complete. We have gone to great lengths to minimize the cost of our program and still be able to provide you with comprehensive and powerful Teachings which will thoroughly prepare you on the Red Road and for any situation you may encounter.

What we are not is a group of individuals trying to culturally appropriate or be anything that we aren’t. We teach what we have learned, and listen to Spirit, but we accept all cultures, all that is good and that all leads to better selves, better families, and better communities. We believe that no one culture has a monopoly on Great Spirit’s teachings and that Creator wants all of us to learn these ways. We work with local and distant indigenous teachers who are of this same mind-set and do all we can to support all indigenous peoples in a good way.

Participants in SWC learn to honor the Earth and its inhabitants with its intricate ecology, of which humans are an integral part.  ONAC’s desire is for each individual to effectively leave the workshop with a personal intention and Healing plan that grounds the individuals to a commitment to a new way of life.



Who can participate in Sacred Wisdom Circle? Anyone can join ONAC and all members of ONAC are welcome to participate in any of our ceremonies.

Sacred Wisdom Circle is specifically for those who want

an immersive transformational healing experience

as well as those who are following the calling to become medicine people.

Here is our current event schedule for 2018:
  • Feb. 17th, 2018 Healing Grandfather Ceremony in Las Vegas, NV
  • March/April Healing Grandfather Ceremonies TBD
  • Spring Circle May 27th-June 3rd, 2018 in Nephi, Utah
  • Vision Quest June 30th-July 6th, 2018 in Nephi, Utah
  • Summer Circle July 22nd-July 29th, 2018 in Nephi, Utah
  • Fall circle Aug. 26th-Sept. 2nd, 2018 in Nephi, Utah
  • Winter Circle Nov. 4th-11th, 2018 in Lenoir City, TN

*Link to our Application of Interest form to find out when and where our next Sacred Wisdom Circle ceremony will be held and to secure your spot as we can only accept 24 participants each month. For those wishing to learn more about our distance learning program, link to THE THIRTEENTH MOON. Learn more about VISION QUEST*.

*Please note that many events fill up early and that Vision Quest registration requires completing the Vision Quest prep guide, so please sign up early to get started on your preparation for Vision Quest at the end of June, first week of July in 2018.

Note that all tuition or contributions are just that and that as Medicine People we turn no one away who comes to us with right intention and pure heart. If you cannot contribute the suggested amount for these Teachings, please inquire about our work exchange and scholarships.

To be clear however, if you can afford to smoke cannabis or spend money on a fancy iPhoneX, then you can afford to contribute to this work. 🙂

We believe strongly in the law of reciprocity and work hard to assure you have an amazing experience and ask that  you respond in kind.  – Aho

In order to assure you don’t miss any of our upcoming programs, please subscribe to our newsletter here (The SWCI newsletter is separate from the ONAC newsletter).

Medicine Person Certification Requirements:  

  1. Completion of the Thirteenth Moon program
  2. Attendance in each of the four Sacred Wisdom Circles (one in each Season – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  3. Vision Quest
  4. Act as a guardian at a Ceremony

These requirements can occur all in a single year or over many years, as the path is yours to walk.

* Please note that certification does not guarantee that you will receive a Medicine Person card from ONAC as you must still be approved for a card by ONAC’s Board of Elders.


Sacred Wisdom Ceremonies are unlike other Teachings because they anchor healing into all six senses, including:

  • Physical cleansing
  • Emotional clearing
  • Spiritual fortitude
  • Mental clarity
  • Social bonding
  • Intuitive knowing
  • Ceremony is held in the Tipi & Sacred Natural Space

Native American Indian Feathers


Ceremonies & Teachings that participants will experience& learn in depth include:

Every Circle:

  • Daily Sacrament (Tipi) Ceremony – including sacred medicine sacrament.
  • Inipi (Sweat Lodge) Ceremony – including drumming, traditional songs and water & fire teachings.
  • Daily Chanunpa (Sacred Pipe) Ceremony – including blessing ceremony and four directions.
  • Breath-work/ Meditation, Movement and Body-work – including grounding, centering, sound & vibration.
  • Sacred Talking Circle
  • Other Teachings – including journaling, intentions,  power animal, earth-based knowledge (including teachings of the directions (will be covered more specifically each season)), masks, storytelling, communal songs and dance, understanding projection/reflection, Akashic Records, etc.        *Note that some seasonal ceremonies may overlap as needed.

Other Ceremonies and Teachings will occur seasonally with specific Ceremonies and Teachings occurring in the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

Ceremonies of the North :

  • Staff of Power, shield, bundles
  • Blessing sacred objects
  • Claiming personal story
  • Potlach Ceremony

Ceremonies of the East :

  • Hanbleceya (Vision Quest) Ceremony – including prayer ties, spirit guide and centering.
  • Fire-walk, bonding fire & fire-keeping
  • Seeds, soil and plant-keeping

Ceremonies of the South:

  • Creating a Hollow Bone within ourselves (similar to eagle bone whistle used in Sun Dance Ceremony).
  • Honing Chakras
  • Sacred Site
  • Commune with nature

Ceremonies of the West:

  •  Harvesting
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Transformation & changing patterns
  • Releasing old dysfunctional beliefs  
  • Death
  • Moon Ceremony
  • Dream Spirit & Spirit Animal

What are Akashic Records you ask? Listen for a description.

The Sacred Wisdom Circle setting with its structure and symbolism focused on sacred circles, councils, and communion, is conducive to simple edification and elicits participant cooperation.  Self-examination and self-refection are encouraged via the ceremonies and experiences taught on-site and coupled with the elder knowledge will provide the skills necessary for true transformation. These skills are powerful gifts and support each individual, allowing you to look inward for the answers which are fundamental to a balanced and harmonious life.


As Human Beings we yearn for a safe place, both within and outside of ourselves that is authentic, trusting, caring, and open to change/exchange. We at ONAC want to continue and strengthen the way of our Holy and wise Medicine Elders. We want to create a hollow bone (symbolic representation of the eagle bone whistle) for the Higher Powers to work in and through us. We believe that we worship the same God whether we sit on a pew in a chapel or synagogue or on a mountain top.  In the wilderness or in sacred circle we have nothing that distracts us from our connection with Wakan-Tanka (creator). As humans, we want to take measure of our lives, to magnify our minds and natural talents, and to pray into manifested being our mission/purpose in life.

We are all searching for a way of life that empowers us through wisdom, compassion and grace:

  • By wisdom we mean deep insight into the interdependence of all phenomena, into the ways in which we are all connected, and with an understanding of how the strength, talents, and life mission of each of us individually is vital to the whole.
  • By compassion we mean the deep feeling that comes when we recognize our soul’s reflection in another person, by owning the projection when we witness the other person’s pain or joy and it becomes my own.
  • By grace we mean having an open heart and open mind with a direct connection (being a hollow bone – similar to a Sun Dance eagle bone whistle) and being receptive and thankful for the teachings from the Universal Wakan Tanka


Human beings want and need many of the same basic things in order to survive and thrive:

  • We need to meet our physical and financial (resource) needs so that we feel physically and mentally safe, healthy, loved, energetic and complete.
  • We need to feel as if we belong and that we have thriving, loving, and healthy relationships which allow us to enjoy life with all our relations (human and non-human).
  • We need to know that we are “making a contribution” and living our purpose every day so that we feel we have worth and are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Through ancient and sacred Ceremonies/Teachings participants learn techniques for stress reduction, empathy for self and others, goal setting, and economic life skills.  You will, with guidance, set your own intention and establish your own individual life vision/plan, including career development, by utilizing a full battery of interest/talent identification tools.  ONAC looks at and takes on the whole person.  The ceremonies used are transformational and experiential as opposed to strictly didactic.  The Participant gains on all levels of existence.the-gift-i-give-myself-in-ceremony-blockquote

Sacred Wisdom Circle is designed to free people from labels that may trap them in a false identity, calling for shifts in consciousness and action. Sacred Wisdom Circle empowers individuals to be responsible and take accountability, thus laying the foundation for emergence of a newly revived planetary consciousness.

Human beings want to live a life full of joyful abundance (aside from physical resources) , yet despite our best intentions and desires, many of us feel (or have felt) limited, stuck and struggling in many of these aspects of our lives. We have seen that many people today feel incomplete and unhappy in one or more of these aspects of their live. Whether feeling unhappy in their relationships, frustrated and unsatisfied at their jobs, or struggling financially, many today are not living the life they want.

If you are ready to escape from any of the constraints that have been holding you back, this Sacred Wisdom Circle has been designed to put you on the Red Road toward Wisdom, Compassion and Grace that is required to live a life filled with Joy, Success and Gratitude.the-most-important-factor

Roadblocks To Overcome:

However, this kind of growth doesn’t usually just happen naturally and requires skill, effort and focus. In order to become the unconditional being you are destined to be, you must learn the skills needed in order to break free of limiting dis -beliefs. Negative and dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors that have been holding you back may include some of these popular lies:

  • I’m not good enoughbebrave_crossedarrows-converted
  • No one loves me
  • I can’t afford it
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I’m not worthy
  • I can’t change
  • It’s too much risk
  • I’m too fat
  • I can’t do it
  • It’s not my nature
  • I don’t have the energy
  • It’s too hard
  • I’m too scared



Braves & Maidens:

Many don’t realize that calling an American Indian “Brave”, “Chief”, “Squaw” or “Maiden” is highly disrespectful. That being said, seeing ourselves as a brave warrior (Brave) or warrioress (Maiden) is essential to overcoming dis-beliefs and negative or dysfunctional beliefs which are roadblocks to our health & happiness, and prevent us from finding fulfillment and abundance in our lives. Overcoming these roadblocks sounds similar to this:

  • I am enough
  • I am lovable
  • I can attain it
  • I deserve it
  • I am worthy
  • I am adaptable
  • I see the reward beyond the risk
  • I take care of my body
  • I can do it
  • I do more than I have done before
  • I motivate myself
  • I welcome a challenge
  • I face my fears and move past them


These false beliefs contribute to the standard that you live by. They limit all of life’s outcomes. Left unchallenged, your limited belief system will produce shame, guilt, depression, fear, anger, frustration, chronic health issues, and a lack of everything you desire.

The only hope for achieving your dreams is to “retrain” your mind, heart and spirit. We must learn to have our minds work for us rather than against us in order to live the life we want.


Joining the Sacred Wisdom Circle is the beginning of your Red Road toward freedom.

This circle is open to all ONAC members and is designed to support you in identifying the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and will allow you to unwind and release the false beliefs that you have about yourself. You will learn new empowering beliefs which literally rewire your mind so you can create the life you want. This is done in empowering, skill-building ceremonies with the medicine that Wakan Tanka has given us to open our minds, heart and spirit to the divine.


This week-long ceremonial experience is the first step in a LIFE TRANSFORMING experience that will provide you with the Foundations required to Unleash connection with tribe, discover your true power and to begin the process of healing with family and loved ones. Joining Sacred Wisdom Circle and participating in four separate week-long ceremonial events is also a requirement for becoming a medicine person or facilitator with ONAC.


*To find out when and where our next Sacred Wisdom Circle ceremony will be held and to secure your spot (as we can only accept 24 participants each month), link here: Application of Interest for Sacred Wisdom Circle or The Thirteenth Moon

For those wishing to learn more about our distance learning program, THE THIRTEENTH MOON, please link here: THE THIRTEENTH MOON

Medicine Person Certification Requirements:  

  1. Completion of the Thirteenth Moon program
  2. Attendance in each of the four Sacred Wisdom Circles (one in each Season – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  3. Vision Quest
  4. Act as a guardian at a Ceremony

These requirements can occur all in a single year or over many years, as the path is yours to walk.

* Please note that certification does not guarantee that you will receive a Medicine Person card from ONAC as you must still be approved for a card by ONAC’s Board of Elders.

Medicine people from ONAC have worked with many different organizations providing their skills and ceremony, including:

  • Drug /alcohol rehabilitation counselors in the prison system.
  • Job/employment rehab.
  • Medical/therapeutic settings; Schools; Drug/alcohol treatment.

We are highly skilled in:

  • Therapeutic recreation.
  • Daily living and social skills.
  • High risk and crisis/grief case management.
  • Assessment and programming for groups and individual.
  • Breath and body-work.
  • Indigenous spiritual ways.

Team members have lived and trained for many decades as medicine people, healers and facilitators and have healed from their own life challenges.

Oklevueha Native American Church, Spiritual Organization

James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney (Elder Seminole Medicine Man)

Linda Mooney “Bright Hawk Woman” (Elder Medicine Woman)

Linda “Shehymn” Stone (ONAC Director of Matriarchal Circle, Elder Medicine Woman and retired Social Worker)

Carol “Spider Woman” Kostic (Storyteller)

Dallen Gardner (Firekeeper)

David Peck  (Logistics, Elder, Breathwork)

DoriAnn Peck (Elder, Breathwork)

David Walker (Medicine Man, Elder)

Gentle Eagle Stone (Sundancer, Inipi, Hanblecheyapi): Gentle Eagle is a Sun Dancer and Medicine Person who worked with Black Elk, Martin High Bear, Fred Wahpepah and James “Flaming Eagle” Mooney. He has been participating in ceremony for 49 years.

John “Lowan Wicasa” Spehler (music Man, Artist, Musician)

Linda  Radford (Medicine Woman, Elder)

Monica “Crying Wolf” Spehler (Akashic Librarian, Sound & Energy Healer)

Nannette “Winged White Buffalo Woman” Debs (Shadow Life Coach, Healer)

Patrice  Wallin (Logistics)

Paulette “Shanala Crow Woman” Stevens (Journaling, Story Gatherer)

Rhonda  Ray (Facilitator)

Steve “Gray Sun Snake” Thomas (Medicine Man, Elder)