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Sacred Wisdom Circle - I am interested in attending an upcoming Circle(s), Vision Quest or The Thirteenth Moon in 2018.
Sacred Wisdom Circle Institute Ceremonial Circle will be held in Southern Utah, Lake Arrowhead, CA or Lenoir City, TN in the cold months and Mt Nebo (or other nearby location) in the warm months. Circle is seven days in length and usually held from Sunday to Sunday (arriving the evening before). *Note that homework and other activities will occur between quarterly Circle teachings. *Please reserve your seat below for any future training, but please communicate with us directly regarding seat availability and  payment information before making payment in full. Call 1-510-847-6467 for more information.   Please ask us about our Scholarship Program is you are on a fixed or have had no income for the past year. Please ask us about our Work Exchange Scholarship Program is you are on a fixed (or have had no) income for the past year. SaveSave
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Choose the first date you would like to attend from pull-down box. ^Space in a Circle is limited to 12-24 seats/month and thus is not guaranteed - please call us directly at 1-510-847-6467 for updates on open seats or for more information on 13th Moon distance training (no limit on seating). *Note that the first price listed is regular price and second price is the contribution asked with scholarship. Scholarships are provided for anyone making less than $50K per year. Please let us know if you need to do work exchange to further reduce your cost. Please note there is a $250 discount on your first event if the 13th Moon program has been paid in full and there is a further 10% discount if you pay in full at least 60 days prior to the event.