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Leslie Full Bull, President of the Rosebud Reservation Native American Church

“Take This Medicine To The White Man”

Within a year after co-founding Oklevueha Earthwalks Native American Church of Utah Inc. as Clifford ‘White Buffalo Man’ Jake foresaw my life had already been threatened two times by American Native People for allowing ‘white people’ into our Native American Church Sacrament ceremonies.  However, the third threat, threatened to kill my wife and all of our children, where upon I sought out advise from Salvador Johnson, a federally licensed Peyote distributor.



He advised me that I needed to get a blessing from Leslie Fool Bull of the Rosebud Reservation.  Salvador said that Leslie is the Spiritual leader of the Rosebud reservation Native American Church, that was a one of a kind Native American Church, were upon it is recognized by the federal government as being the only recognized indigenous representative of the American Native Culture, and that there would never be another one like it.

I immediately called Jorge Alvarado a Medicine Man friend of mine and asked if he would like to drive up to Rosebud reservation with me so that I could get a blessing from this Leslie Fool Bull.  He agreed, within 2 hours of the Salvador Johnson phone conversation the two of us, Jorge and myself were on our way to meet Leslie Fool Bull.

The next day we found our way to one of Leslie’s relatives home in the Rose bud reservation, whereupon we were informed that Leslie was in the Rapid City General Hospital.  With this information Jorge and I proceeded to drive to Rapid City, South Dakota.

We arrived at the Rapid City hospital in the early evening of Friday 20, 1998 of March.  We inquired and found Leslie’s hospital room from the hospital receptionist.

I remember standing at the doorway to Leslie’s hospital room and was amazed to see a goodly number of family members and friend’s milling around, the spirit of the room was relaxed and an element of joy prevailed.  As I was standing at the doorway Leslie looked up at me with his kindly eyes, from his hospital bed and with out any hesitation, said, “Ah you need my help”, I responded with some urgency to my voice, “yes I do”, he then gestured for me to come over to him.


As I was standing close to him, I handed a bundle of a couple hundred Peyote Buttons to him, he immediately received the bundle, knowing what it was and held it to his heart, and with in moments he started to shed tears of gratitude.  I was shocked; the humility and gratitude in which this wonderful man exhibited was something that I had never experienced before in my life.  He then with both of his hands clasping the bag of peyote to his heart gave me a blessing in his language.  After he had completed the blessing he said to me “you didn’t understand what I said, did you? ”, I responded with “no I didn’t!” he then, holding the medicine to his heart and with his eyes gazing and locked into mine, said “Take this medicine to the White Man”.  He then, in his own handwriting, on a hospital paper napkin recorded this blessing and then I had two witnesses sign it, first Leslie’s Son, Kirk Fool Bull and then Jorge Alvarado*.


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